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Devido a grande audiência do primeiro post sobre palavras parecidas que confundem muita gente, decidi fazer mais uma listinha. Confira abaixo a segunda parte:

Bear, Beer, Beard & Bird

Bear: urso
Exemplo: I saw a bear at the zoo yesterday. It was huge!

Beer: cerveja
Exemplo: Let's have a beer? It's so hot today.

Beard: barba
Exemplo: His father has always kept a very long beard.

Bird: pássaro
Exemplo: Look! Did you see the little bird?

Handsome & Beautiful

Handsome: bonito, atraente, de boa aparência (usado exclusivamente para homens)
Exemplo: John is a very handsome man, don't you think?

Beautiful: bonito (a), atraente, de boa aparência (usado para tudo, exceto homens)
Exemplo: She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen; This is a very beautiful watch.

Terrific, Terrible, Horrific & Horrible

Terrific: ótimo, excelente, fantástico, espetacular
Exemplo: Have you seen Machete? It's a terrific film.

Terrible: terrível

Exemplo: I didn't like this movie, it's terrible!

Horrific: horrível
Exemplo: The main character is so ugly! He's horrific!

Horrible: horrível
Exemplo: You're right. Danny Trejo is really horrible. He's not good-looking at all.

Refrigerant, Soda, Pop & Soft Drink

Refrigerant: refrigerante; aquele que refrigera, que mantém a temperatura baixa; uma substância (água, gelo, amônia, dióxido de carbono, ar, por exemplo) usada para promover o resfriamento de um equipamento refrigerador.
Exemplo: We need to use a refrigerant substance here, such as ice.

Soda, Pop, Soft Drink: refrigerante, bebida gaseificada com sabor, como Coca-Cola, Guaraná, etc.
Exemplo: I don't drink beer. Do you have some soda?

Letter, Lyrics, Font & Handwriting

Letter: letra, caracteres utilizados para formar palavras
Exemplo: You should always use the letter "S" in "house", not the letter "Z".

Lyrics: letra (de música)
Exemplo: I love this song. Have you ever heard such beautiful lyrics? 

Font: fonte, tipo de letra
Exemplo: I don't like this font. I prefer Times New Roman.

Handwriting: letra, a forma como se escreve, caligrafia
Exemplo: I can't understand anything you write. Your handwriting is terrible, man!

Sky & Heaven

Sky: céu (aquele que podemos ver)
Exemplo: Look, can you see the UFO shining in the sky?

Heaven: céu (paraíso, aquele que não podemos ver)
Exemplo: You have two paths after you die: Stairway to heaven or Highway to hell.

Music & Song

Music: música (em geral)
Exemplo: I love listening to music.

Song: música (em específico), canção
Exemplo: I love listening to this song.

Hope & Rope

Hope: esperar, (ter) esperança
Exemplo: I hope the rope doesn't break.

Rope: corda
Exemplo: Can you buy me some rope? I need to tie something up.

Word & World

Word: palavra
Exemplo: There are many words we don't know.

World: mundo
Exemplo: Let's travel around the world!

Since & For

Since: desde
Exemplo: I've been studying English since 2010.

For: há, por (no sentido de passagem de tempo)
Exemplo: I've been studying English for 3 years.

School, College & University

School: escola
Exemplo: My kids go to school very early in the morning.

College: faculdade
Exemplo: My oldest son is already in college.

University: universidade
Exemplo: She's not here right now, she must have gone to the university.

Snack & Snake

Snack: lanche; aquilo que comemos no intervalo entre as refeições; chocolates, sanduíches e salgadinhos são exemplos de snack.
Exemplo: Let's have a snack, I'm starving!

Snake: cobra
Exemplo: There are lots of snakes in the jungle, be careful!

Go Back & Come back

Go Back: voltar (para lá); retornar a algum lugar.
Exemplo: I forgot my keys at homeI have to go back there. Do you want to go with me?

Come Back: voltar (para cá); vir para cá novamente; retornar para cá.
Exemplo: Come back here! Where do you think you're going?

Battery & Drums

Battery: bateria, pilha
Exemplo: My cell phone's battery is dead! I need to recharge it!

Drums: bateria (instrumento musical)
Exemplo: Meg White can play the drums, even though many people say she can't.

Soccer & Football

Soccer: futebol
Exemplo: The World Cup is a soccer championship among countries.

Football: futebol americano (nos Estados Unidos); futebol (na maioria dos países de língua inglesa)
Exemplo: Dallas Cowboys is a football team.

Afternoon & After noon

Afternoon: tarde, período do dia.
Exemplo: He prefers to study in the afternoon, he doesn't like to study in the morning.

After noon: depois do meio-dia
Exemplo: I'm supposed to meet her at the mall after noon. It's eleven o' clock now, it's too early.

Beside, Besides & Side

Beside: perto de
Exemplo: She always sits beside me.

Besides: além de
Exemplo: Besides working, he also studies.

Side: lado
Exemplo: You have to see the bright side in things.

Move, Movie, Film, Motion Picture, Movie Theater & Movies

Move: mover-se, movimento
Exemplo: Move your legs, faster, faster, come on!

Movie, Film, Motion Picture: filme
Exemplo: Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all times.

Movie Theater, Movies: cinema
Exemplo: Let's go to the movies? I really want to watch that new film.

Take a Shower & Take a Bath

Take a shower: tomar banho de chuveiro, tomar uma ducha
Exemplo: I always take a shower right after I get up.

Take a bath: tomar banho de banheira, banhar-se
Exemplo: I don't like taking baths. It takes too long!

Cut the Hair & Get a Haircut

Cut the hair: cortar o cabelo (de alguém)
Exemplo: José is a hairstylist and he is going to cut my hair today.

Get a haircut: cortar o cabelo (ter o cabelo cortado por alguém)
Exemplo: I'm going to get a haircut. José is going to do it.

Romance, Love Story & Novel

Romance: romance, caso; romance literário
Exemplo: Is there some kind of romance going on between you two?

Love Story: história de amor
Exemplo: Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story.

Novel: romance literário; livro
Exemplo: The writer has just published his third novel.

Soup, Soap & Soap Opera

Soup: Sopa
Exemplo: Do you like to have soup on cold days?

Soap: Sabão, sabonete
Exemplo: You need a soap if you want to take a shower.

Soap Opera: novela
Exemplo: O Clone was a very famous soap opera. Have you watched it?

Intend & Pretend

Intend: Ter a intenção de, ter planos de
Exemplo: What do you intend to do after college?

Pretend: fingir
Exemplo: Neymar is well-known for pretending to get hurt all the time.

Academy & Gym

Academy: Academia literária; academia militar
Exemplo: He's a very famous member of this academy.

Gym: Academia (onde se faz exercícios físicos)
Exemplo: If you want to lose some weight you need to go to the gym.

Coffee Shop, Café & Cafeteria

Coffee Shop / Café: lanchonete / café; lugar onde se faz pequenas refeições
Exemplo: Central Perk is the best coffee shop in NY.

Cafeteria: refeitório; local onde se faz refeições nas empresas e escolas.
Exemplo: I'm new at this company, can you tell me where the cafeteria is?

Store, Shop, Shopping & Mall

Store: loja, mercadinho
Exemplo: I'm out of milk, I need to go to the store.

Shop: loja; comprar
Exemplo: Is there a pet shop near here?

Shopping: compras
Exemplo: I hate Christmas shopping. I can't stand the lines!

Mall: shopping center
Exemplo:  What is your favorite mall?

Man & Men

Man: homem
Exemplo: What kind of man would do something like that?

Men: homens
Exemplo: You need to live in peace with men.

Person & People

Person: pessoa
Exemplo: I'm a very patient person.

People: pessoas
Exemplo: They are very patient people.

Child & Children

Child: criança; filho
Exemplo: She's just a child, leave her alone!

Children: crianças; filhos
Exemplo: I have three children. Have you met them yet?

Glass & Glasses

Glass: vidro; copo
Exemplo: I want a glass of water.

Glasses: copos; óculos
Exemplo: I need two glasses of water;
I need to wear glasses, I can't see very well.

Letter & Cards

Letter: carta; correspondência
Exemplo: When was the last time you received a letter?

Cards: cartas (de jogo)
Exemplo: Do you like to play cards? I'm a very good at poker.

Mail & Post Office

Mail: correio; correspondência 
Exemplo: Do you get mail often?

Post Office: (agência do ) correio
Exemplo: I need to go to the post office to send my mail.

Cook, Cookie & Cracker

Cook: cozinhar, cozinheiro
Exemplo: The cook is making lasagna today.

Cookie: biscoito doce
Exemplo: Do you like to eat cookies after dinner?

Cracker: biscoito salgado
Exemplo: Polly wants a cracker. It doesn't like cookies.

Selfish & Shellfish

Selfish: egoísta
Exemplo: Don't be selfish, give me some of your chocolate!

Shellfish: molusco; marisco; crustáceo
Exemplo: A shellfish is a anaquatic animal that has a shell or a shell-like exoskeleton

City & Town

City: cidade (grande)
Exemplo: New York is one of the biggest cities in the world.

Town: cidadezinha; cidade pequena.
Exemplo: She lives in a small town called São Fidélis. It's very far from here.

Skirt, Shirt & T-shirt

Skirt: saia
Exemplo: Girls like to wear a skirt when it's hot.

Shirt: camisa
Exemplo: If you work at at bank you need to wear a shirt.

T-shirt: camiseta
Exemplo: I normally wear a t-shirt when I'm at home.

Blouse, Coat & Jacket

Blouse: blusa feminina; blusinha
Exemplo: I gave my mom a blouse for her birthday.

Coat: casaco; blusa de frio
Exemplo: It's very cold outside, get a coat!

Jacket: jaqueta
Exemplo: The Ramones love to wear black leather jackets.

Still & Yet

Still: ainda (idéia de continuidade)
Exemplo: I still don't know how to drive. (idéia de "eu tentei aprender a dirigir, mas ainda não consegui").

Yet: ainda não; não aconteceu ainda
Exemplo: I don't know how to drive yet. (idéia de "eu nem tive a oportunidade de aprender a dirigir ainda").

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Os verbos modais são diferentes dos demais e, por isso, exigem atenção.  

Eles não possuem infinitivo, não tem particípio e não aceitam auxiliares para negativas e interrogativas. No presente, eles não ganham "+s" quando aparecem depois de he, she ou it.

Além disso, nunca usamos "to" após os verbos modais. A maioria dos modais, na negativa, pode ser contraído (can + not = can't, por exemplo)











He can swim very well.

You can take a taxi.

Can you lend me your pen?



You can’t smoke here.





I could swim very well when I was younger

You could go to the park today.

Could you open the door, please?



You must be back by 10 o’ clock.



He mustn’t drink and drive.




You should go to the doctor.

She should study harder.




if she had money, she would travel.

Would you help me, please?




May I go to the bathroom?

Ok, you may come in.

It may rain tonight.



She might be at home, I’m not sure.