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Devido a grande audiência do primeiro post sobre palavras parecidas que confundem muita gente, decidi fazer mais uma listinha. Confira abaixo a segunda parte:

Bear, Beer, Beard & Bird

Bear: urso
Exemplo: I saw a bear at the zoo yesterday. It was huge!

Beer: cerveja
Exemplo: Let's have a beer? It's so hot today.

Beard: barba
Exemplo: His father has always kept a very long beard.

Bird: pássaro
Exemplo: Look! Did you see the little bird?

Handsome & Beautiful

Handsome: bonito, atraente, de boa aparência (usado exclusivamente para homens)
Exemplo: John is a very handsome man, don't you think?

Beautiful: bonito (a), atraente, de boa aparência (usado para tudo, exceto homens)
Exemplo: She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen; This is a very beautiful watch.

Terrific, Terrible, Horrific & Horrible

Terrific: ótimo, excelente, fantástico, espetacular
Exemplo: Have you seen Machete? It's a terrific film.

Terrible: terrível

Exemplo: I didn't like this movie, it's terrible!

Horrific: horrível
Exemplo: The main character is so ugly! He's horrific!

Horrible: horrível
Exemplo: You're right. Danny Trejo is really horrible. He's not good-looking at all.

Refrigerant, Soda, Pop & Soft Drink

Refrigerant: refrigerante; aquele que refrigera, que mantém a temperatura baixa; uma substância (água, gelo, amônia, dióxido de carbono, ar, por exemplo) usada para promover o resfriamento de um equipamento refrigerador.
Exemplo: We need to use a refrigerant substance here, such as ice.

Soda, Pop, Soft Drink: refrigerante, bebida gaseificada com sabor, como Coca-Cola, Guaraná, etc.
Exemplo: I don't drink beer. Do you have some soda?

Letter, Lyrics, Font & Handwriting

Letter: letra, caracteres utilizados para formar palavras
Exemplo: You should always use the letter "S" in "house", not the letter "Z".

Lyrics: letra (de música)
Exemplo: I love this song. Have you ever heard such beautiful lyrics? 

Font: fonte, tipo de letra
Exemplo: I don't like this font. I prefer Times New Roman.

Handwriting: letra, a forma como se escreve, caligrafia
Exemplo: I can't understand anything you write. Your handwriting is terrible, man!

Sky & Heaven

Sky: céu (aquele que podemos ver)
Exemplo: Look, can you see the UFO shining in the sky?

Heaven: céu (paraíso, aquele que não podemos ver)
Exemplo: You have two paths after you die: Stairway to heaven or Highway to hell.

Music & Song

Music: música (em geral)
Exemplo: I love listening to music.

Song: música (em específico), canção
Exemplo: I love listening to this song.

Hope & Rope

Hope: esperar, (ter) esperança
Exemplo: I hope the rope doesn't break.

Rope: corda
Exemplo: Can you buy me some rope? I need to tie something up.

Word & World

Word: palavra
Exemplo: There are many words we don't know.

World: mundo
Exemplo: Let's travel around the world!

Since & For

Since: desde
Exemplo: I've been studying English since 2010.

For: há, por (no sentido de passagem de tempo)
Exemplo: I've been studying English for 3 years.

School, College & University

School: escola
Exemplo: My kids go to school very early in the morning.

College: faculdade
Exemplo: My oldest son is already in college.

University: universidade
Exemplo: She's not here right now, she must have gone to the university.

Snack & Snake

Snack: lanche; aquilo que comemos no intervalo entre as refeições; chocolates, sanduíches e salgadinhos são exemplos de snack.
Exemplo: Let's have a snack, I'm starving!

Snake: cobra
Exemplo: There are lots of snakes in the jungle, be careful!

Go Back & Come back

Go Back: voltar (para lá); retornar a algum lugar.
Exemplo: I forgot my keys at homeI have to go back there. Do you want to go with me?

Come Back: voltar (para cá); vir para cá novamente; retornar para cá.
Exemplo: Come back here! Where do you think you're going?

Battery & Drums

Battery: bateria, pilha
Exemplo: My cell phone's battery is dead! I need to recharge it!

Drums: bateria (instrumento musical)
Exemplo: Meg White can play the drums, even though many people say she can't.

Soccer & Football

Soccer: futebol
Exemplo: The World Cup is a soccer championship among countries.

Football: futebol americano (nos Estados Unidos); futebol (na maioria dos países de língua inglesa)
Exemplo: Dallas Cowboys is a football team.

Afternoon & After noon

Afternoon: tarde, período do dia.
Exemplo: He prefers to study in the afternoon, he doesn't like to study in the morning.

After noon: depois do meio-dia
Exemplo: I'm supposed to meet her at the mall after noon. It's eleven o' clock now, it's too early.

Beside, Besides & Side

Beside: perto de
Exemplo: She always sits beside me.

Besides: além de
Exemplo: Besides working, he also studies.

Side: lado
Exemplo: You have to see the bright side in things.

Move, Movie, Film, Motion Picture, Movie Theater & Movies

Move: mover-se, movimento
Exemplo: Move your legs, faster, faster, come on!

Movie, Film, Motion Picture: filme
Exemplo: Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all times.

Movie Theater, Movies: cinema
Exemplo: Let's go to the movies? I really want to watch that new film.

Take a Shower & Take a Bath

Take a shower: tomar banho de chuveiro, tomar uma ducha
Exemplo: I always take a shower right after I get up.

Take a bath: tomar banho de banheira, banhar-se
Exemplo: I don't like taking baths. It takes too long!

Cut the Hair & Get a Haircut

Cut the hair: cortar o cabelo (de alguém)
Exemplo: José is a hairstylist and he is going to cut my hair today.

Get a haircut: cortar o cabelo (ter o cabelo cortado por alguém)
Exemplo: I'm going to get a haircut. José is going to do it.

Romance, Love Story & Novel

Romance: romance, caso; romance literário
Exemplo: Is there some kind of romance going on between you two?

Love Story: história de amor
Exemplo: Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story.

Novel: romance literário; livro
Exemplo: The writer has just published his third novel.

Soup, Soap & Soap Opera

Soup: Sopa
Exemplo: Do you like to have soup on cold days?

Soap: Sabão, sabonete
Exemplo: You need a soap if you want to take a shower.

Soap Opera: novela
Exemplo: O Clone was a very famous soap opera. Have you watched it?

Intend & Pretend

Intend: Ter a intenção de, ter planos de
Exemplo: What do you intend to do after college?

Pretend: fingir
Exemplo: Neymar is well-known for pretending to get hurt all the time.

Academy & Gym

Academy: Academia literária; academia militar
Exemplo: He's a very famous member of this academy.

Gym: Academia (onde se faz exercícios físicos)
Exemplo: If you want to lose some weight you need to go to the gym.

Coffee Shop, Café & Cafeteria

Coffee Shop / Café: lanchonete / café; lugar onde se faz pequenas refeições
Exemplo: Central Perk is the best coffee shop in NY.

Cafeteria: refeitório; local onde se faz refeições nas empresas e escolas.
Exemplo: I'm new at this company, can you tell me where the cafeteria is?

Store, Shop, Shopping & Mall

Store: loja, mercadinho
Exemplo: I'm out of milk, I need to go to the store.

Shop: loja; comprar
Exemplo: Is there a pet shop near here?

Shopping: compras
Exemplo: I hate Christmas shopping. I can't stand the lines!

Mall: shopping center
Exemplo:  What is your favorite mall?

Man & Men

Man: homem
Exemplo: What kind of man would do something like that?

Men: homens
Exemplo: You need to live in peace with men.

Person & People

Person: pessoa
Exemplo: I'm a very patient person.

People: pessoas
Exemplo: They are very patient people.

Child & Children

Child: criança; filho
Exemplo: She's just a child, leave her alone!

Children: crianças; filhos
Exemplo: I have three children. Have you met them yet?

Glass & Glasses

Glass: vidro; copo
Exemplo: I want a glass of water.

Glasses: copos; óculos
Exemplo: I need two glasses of water;
I need to wear glasses, I can't see very well.

Letter & Cards

Letter: carta; correspondência
Exemplo: When was the last time you received a letter?

Cards: cartas (de jogo)
Exemplo: Do you like to play cards? I'm a very good at poker.

Mail & Post Office

Mail: correio; correspondência 
Exemplo: Do you get mail often?

Post Office: (agência do ) correio
Exemplo: I need to go to the post office to send my mail.

Cook, Cookie & Cracker

Cook: cozinhar, cozinheiro
Exemplo: The cook is making lasagna today.

Cookie: biscoito doce
Exemplo: Do you like to eat cookies after dinner?

Cracker: biscoito salgado
Exemplo: Polly wants a cracker. It doesn't like cookies.

Selfish & Shellfish

Selfish: egoísta
Exemplo: Don't be selfish, give me some of your chocolate!

Shellfish: molusco; marisco; crustáceo
Exemplo: A shellfish is a anaquatic animal that has a shell or a shell-like exoskeleton

City & Town

City: cidade (grande)
Exemplo: New York is one of the biggest cities in the world.

Town: cidadezinha; cidade pequena.
Exemplo: She lives in a small town called São Fidélis. It's very far from here.

Skirt, Shirt & T-shirt

Skirt: saia
Exemplo: Girls like to wear a skirt when it's hot.

Shirt: camisa
Exemplo: If you work at at bank you need to wear a shirt.

T-shirt: camiseta
Exemplo: I normally wear a t-shirt when I'm at home.

Blouse, Coat & Jacket

Blouse: blusa feminina; blusinha
Exemplo: I gave my mom a blouse for her birthday.

Coat: casaco; blusa de frio
Exemplo: It's very cold outside, get a coat!

Jacket: jaqueta
Exemplo: The Ramones love to wear black leather jackets.

Still & Yet

Still: ainda (idéia de continuidade)
Exemplo: I still don't know how to drive. (idéia de "eu tentei aprender a dirigir, mas ainda não consegui").

Yet: ainda não; não aconteceu ainda
Exemplo: I don't know how to drive yet. (idéia de "eu nem tive a oportunidade de aprender a dirigir ainda").

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